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  • Huawei HG8346R
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  • Huawei HG8346R



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HG8346R FTTH is GPON optical terminal with 4 FE Port 2 Voice Port 1 USB port and WiFi function
Huawei HG8346R FTTH Product Overview
Huawei HG8346R FTTH is an optical network terminal (ONT) in FTTH solution. By using EPON technology, ultra-broadband access is provided for home and SOHO users.
HG8346R gives wiFi USB Port two POTS ports, four FE Internet port.
This model features high-performance forwarding capabilities to ensure excellent experience with VoIP, Internet and HD video services.
Huawei HG8346R FTTH Product Features
Power Saving
Indicator power saving
Power consumption reduction of idle components in the power-saving state
Smart O&M
Variable-length OMCI messages
Active/Passive rogue ONT detection and isolation
PPPoE/DHCP simulation testing
Call emulation, and circuit test and loop-line test
Common O&M
Dual-system software backup and rollback
802.1ag Ethernet OAM
Optical link measurement and diagnosis
Loopback check
IGMP v2/v3 snooping
MLD v1/v2 snooping
Fast leave
VLAN tag translation, transparent transmission, and removal for downstream multicast packets
IGMP/MLD protocol packet rate limitation
Huawei HG8346R FTTH and More Models
HG8010 EPON ONT, 1*LAN English Firmware
HG8310 EPON ONT, 1*LAN English Firmware
HG8110 EPON ONT, 1*LAN+1*Voice English Firmware
HG8120 EPON ONT, 2*LAN+1*Voice English Firmware
HG8240 EPON ONT, 4*LAN+2*Voice English Firmware
HG8346R EPON ONT, 4*LAN+2*Voice+WIFI English Firmware
HG8245 EPON ONT, 4*LAN+2*Voice+WIFI English Firmware
HG8310M GPON ONT, 1*LAN English Firmware
HG8010/HG8010C GPON ONT, 1*LAN English Firmware
HG8311/HG8110/HG8110F GPON ONT, 1*LAN+1*VOICE English Firmware SIP
HG8120C/HG8120F/HG8120/HG8321/HG8321R GPON ONT, 2LAN+VOICE English Firmware SIP
HG8340M/HG8540/HG8040 GPON ONT, 4FE English Firmware SIP
HG8342/HG8342R/HG8342M/HG8240 GPON ONT, 4FE+2VOICE English Firmware SIP
HG8240/HG8240H GPON ONT, 4GE+2VOICE English Firmware SIP
HG8345R internal antenna GPON ONT, 4FE+WIFI (internal antenna)English Firmware SIP
HG8345R external antenna GPON ONT, 4FE+WIFI (external antenna)English Firmware SIP
HG8546M GPON ONT, 1GE+3FE+VOICE+WIFI, English Firmware SIP
HG8346M/HG8245A/HG8346R GPON ONT, 4FE+2VOICE+WIFI (internal antenna)English Firmware SIP
HG8346R external antenna GPON ONT, 4FE+2VOICE+WIFI (external antenna)English Firmware SIP
HG8245C2 GPON ONT, 2GE+2FE+2VOICE+WIFI English Firmware SIP
HG8245 external antenna GPON ONT, 4GE+2VOICE+WIFI ( external antenna)black colour English SIP
HG8245H GPON ONT, 4GE+2VOICE+WIFI English Firmware SIP ONT
HG8346R FTTH is GPON optical terminal with 4 FE Port 2 Voice Port 1 USB port and WiFi function
HG8346R FTTH is GPON optical terminal with 4 FE Port 2 Voice Port 1 USB port and WiFi function
HG8346R FTTH is GPON optical terminal with 4 FE Port 2 Voice Port 1 USB port and WiFi function

Huawei HG8346R FTTH Product Specifications

Brand Huawei
Model HG8346R
Ports 4FE+2POTS+1USB+WiFi
Dimensions (H x W x D)mm 176 mm x 138.5 mm x 28 mm
Weight < 500 g
Operating temperature 0°C to +40°C
Operating humidity 5% RH to 95% RH (non-condensing)
Power adapter input 100–240 V AC, 50–60 Hz
System power supply 11–14 V DC, 0.5 A
Static power consumption W
Maximum power consumption 15.5 W
Smartinterconnection Smart Wi-Fi coverage (V300R015C10)SIP/H.248 auto-negotiation
Any port any service
Parental control (V300R015C00)
Smart O&M IPTV video quality diagnosis (V300R015C10)Variable-length OMCI messages
Active/Passive rogue ONT detection and isolation
Call emulationand circuit test and loop-line test
PPPoE/DHCP simulation testing
WLAN emulation
QoS Ethernet port rate limitation802.1p priority

Huawei HG8346R FTTH is GPON optical terminal with 4 FE Port 2 Voice Port 1 USB port and WiFi function

Model Internet Ports Voice(tel) Router (PPPOE) Wifi Firmware language
Huawei HG8346R 4 2 support yes English

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