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    8 LPU slots, maximum11Tbit/s/slot bandwidth, 89Tbit/s switching capacity

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8 LPU slots, maximum11Tbit/s/slot bandwidth, 89Tbit/s switching capacity

Huawei CloudEngine 12808S
CloudEngine 12800 Series Data Center Core Switches
The CloudEngine 12800 (CE12800 for short) series switches are next-generation, high-performance core
switches designed for data center networks and high-end campus networks. Using Huawei’s next-generation
VRP8 software platform, CE12800 series switches provide stable, reliable, and secure high-performance L2/
L3 switching capabilities to help build an elastic, virtualized, and high-quality network.
The CE12800 series switches use an advanced hardware architecture design and have the highest
performance among all core switches in the industry. The CE12800 series provides as much as 178 Tbit/
s (scalable to 1032 Tbit/s) switching capacity and has up to 576*100GE, 576*40GE, 2,304*25GE, or
2,304*10GE line-rate ports.
The CE12800 series switches use an industry-leading Clos architecture and provide industrial-grade reliability.
The switches support comprehensive virtualization capabilities along with data center service features. Their
front-to-back airflow design suits data center equipment rooms, and the innovative energy conservation
technologies greatly reduce power consumption.
The CE12800 series is available in six models: CE12816, CE12812, CE12808, CE12804, CE12808S and CE12804S.
Huawei CloudEngine 12808S Switch is the new Generation high-performance core switches for data centres and high-end campuses. The software platform is based on Huawei’s new generation of VRP8 operating system.
Up to 2 MPUs (Main Processing Unit)
Up to 8 LPUs
Up to 4 SFUs (Switch Fabric Unit)
Up to 8 power modules
Up to 6 fan modules
Huawei CloudEngine 12808S Switch Product Overview
Huawei CloudEngine 12808S Switch adopts advanced hardware architecture design. The whole machine supports 367/1032Tbps switching capacity and supports up to 576 devices. 100GE, 576 40GE, 2304 25GE or 2304 10GE full line speed interfaces. Huawei CloudEngine 12808S Switch features an industry-leading Clos switch fabric and industrial-grade reliability, as well as a rigorous front and rear duct design. It also supports comprehensive virtualization capabilities and rich data center features. In addition, Huawei CloudEngine 12808S Switch is adopted as a next-generation core switch. A variety of green energy-saving innovative technologies have been used to significantly reduceequipment energy consumption.
Huawei CloudEngine 12808S Switch Product Features
MACSEC hardware encryption, safe and reliable
Supporting MACSEC, provides data-safe transmission of hop-by-hop devices and provides users with secure MAC layer data transmission and reception services, including user data encryption, data frame integrity check, and data source authenticity verification. Applicable to occasions where government, finance, etc. have high requirements for data confidentiality.
Large RB bridge support network flexible expansion
Huawei CloudEngine12808S Switch supports the IETF standard protocol (TRILL) (Transparent Interconnection of Lots of Links), which supports the hybrid access networking of 10GE/GE servers. It can build a super-large-scale Layer 2 network with more than 500 nodes to support the flexible deployment of user services. Large-scale migration of virtual machines。
Support standard interface for open docking
Providing a standard NETCONF interface to third-party software calls, enabling open programming capabilities of the device and integration with third-party software to meet user requirements for device openness and flexibility; extending device functionality and simplifying users Management and maintenance of equipment. Through in-depth cooperation with mainstream cloud platforms and operation and maintenance tools, the device can be more flexible and quickly integrated into the network of SDN and cloud computing platforms.

Huawei CloudEngine 12808S Switch Ordering Info

Basic Configuration
CE-RACK-A01FR42812 Assembly Rack (800x1200x2000mm)
CE12804S-ACCE12804S Assembly Chassis (with Fans)
CE12808S-ACCE12808S Assembly Chassis (with Fans)
CE12804S-DCCE12804S DC Assembly Chassis (with Fans)
CE12808S-DCCE12808S DC Assembly Chassis (with Fans)
CE12804-ACCE12804 AC Assembly Chassis (with CMUs and Fans)
CE12808-ACCE12808 AC Assembly Chassis (with CMUs and Fans)
CE12812-ACCE12812 AC Assembly Chassis (with CMUs and Fans)
CE12816-ACCE12816 AC Assembly Chassis (with CMUs and Fans)
CE12804-DCCE12804 DC Assembly Chassis (with CMUs and Fans)
CE12808-DCCE12808 DC Assembly Chassis (with CMUs and Fans)
CE12812-DCCE12812 DC Assembly Chassis (with CMUs and Fans)
CE12816-DCCE12816 DC Assembly Chassis (with CMUs and Fans)
Main Processing Unit
CE-MPU-SCE12800S Main Processing Unit
CE-MPUMain Processing Unit
Switch Fabric Unit
CE-SFU-SCE12800S Switch Fabric
CE-SFU04CE12804 Switch Fabric
CE-SFU08CE12808 Switch Fabric
CE-SFU12CE12812 Switch Fabric
CE-SFU16CE12816 Switch Fabric
GE BASE-T Interface Card
CE-L24XS24-Port 10GBASE-X Interface Card (SFP/SFP+)
CE-L48XS48-Port 10GBASE-X Interface Card (SFP/SFP+)
40GE Interface Card
CE-L06LQ6-Port 40G Interface Card (QSFP+)
CE-L12LQ12-Port 40G Interface Card (QSFP+)
CE-L24LQ24-Port 40G Interface Card (QSFP+)
CE-L36LQ36-Port 40G Interface Card (QSFP+)
100GE Interface Card
CE-L04CF4-Port 100G Interface Card (CFP)
CE-L08CF8-Port 100G Interface Card (CFPS)
CE-L12CF12-Port 100G Interface Card (CFP2)
CE-L12CQ12-Port 100G Interface Card (QSFP28)
CE-L16CQ16-Port 100G Interface Card (QSFP28)
CE-L36CQ36-Port 100G Interface Card (QSFP28)
PHD-3000WA3000W HVDC Power Module
PDC-2200WA2200W DC Power Supply
CE128-LIC-B25CloudEngine 12800 Basic SW
CE128-LIC-TRILLTRILL Function License
CE128-LIC-MPLSMPLS Function License
CE128-LIC-VSVirtual System Function License
CE128-LIC-IPV6IPV6 Function License
CE128-LIC-EVNEVN Function License
CE128-LIC-FCFALCloudEngine 12800 FCF All Ports
CE128-LIC-FCF48CloudEngine 12800 FCF 48 Ports
CE128-LIC-TLMCE12800 Telemetry Function
CE128-LIC-MACSECCE12800 MACsec Function
N1-CE128LIC-CFFDN1-CloudFabric Foundation SW License for CloudEngine 12800
N1-CE128CFFD-SnS1YN1-CloudFabric Foundation SW License for CloudEngine 12800-SnS-1 Year
N1-CE128LIC-CFADN1-CloudFabric Advanced SW License for CloudEngine 12800
N1-CE128CFAD-SnS1YN1-CloudFabric Advanced SW License for CloudEngine 12800-SnS-1 Year

Huawei CloudEngine 12808S Switch Ordering Info
Huawei CloudEngine 12808S Switch Ordering Info
Huawei CloudEngine 12808S Switch Ordering Info
Huawei CloudEngine 12808S Switch Ordering Info

Huawei CloudEngine 12808S Switch Specifications

NO. CloudEngine 12804S CloudEngine 12808S CloudEngine 12804 CloudEngine 12808 CloudEngine 12812 CloudEngine 12816
Switching Capacity 30/258 Tbit/s 59/516 Tbit/s 45/258 Tbit/s 89/516 Tbit/s 134/774 Tbit/s 178/1,032 Tbit/s
Forwarding Performance 17,280 Mpps 34,560 Mpps 17,280 Mpps 34,560 Mpps 51,840 Mpps 69,120 Mpps
Service Slots 4 8 4 8 12 16
Switching Fabric Module Slots 2 4 6 6 6 6
Fabric Architecture Clos architecture, cell switching, VoQ, and distributed deep buffer
Airflow Design Strict front-to-back airflow design
Device Virtualization VS (1:16 virtualization)
Cluster Switch System (CSS)1
Network Virtualization M-LAG
VXLAN and VXLAN bridging
QinQ access VXLAN
Programmability Ansible-based automatic configuration and open-source module release
O&M Network-wide path detection


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