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How to Pay | Author:Admin | Published time: 2022-06-10 | 927 Views | Share: makes paying for your orders easy by providing various convenient payment methods. Below is a guide to the different payment methods used by, so you can choose the right way for you.

Payment Methods

What are the payment terms accepts and Detailed Steps? accepts Wire Transfer, Paypal, Western Union as payment Method and Wire Transfer is the regular method in, please refer to below detailed steps.

We can accept paypal payment, but need to charge 5% of total amount as Paypal fee(Paypal charge it from us.)

1, We will email you an invoice which have our Paypal ID on it if you choose Paypal to do payment.

2, Once you make the payment Via payment, please send the Paypal payment advice to sales representative or email us:, then the order will begin process by once we have your payment.

We accept Western Union Money Transfers. Western Union is a very easy and fast way to send a payment to us. Here are the steps:
1) Once the order confirmed, you can Visit a Western Union Agent location with the invoice which sent.
2) Complete Form. Complete the To Send Money form, including
– Receiver’s first and last name – (First Name:XX Last Name:XX)
– The city and country to which the money is being sent. (Shenzhen, China)
3) Collect the receipt from the clerk. Be sure to save the receipt with your MTCN (Money Transfer Control Number).
4) Email us the MTCN number, the items you would like to purchase and your shipping information.
Email: or Email your sales representative in seelun.

We accept bank wire transfer payment, you can wire transfer from any your local bank or electronic banking.

1, We will email you an invoice which will have our bank info on it once the order confirmed, then you can wire transfer from any your local bank or electronic banking.
2, Please send us the TT payment advice and invoice to your sales representative or, then the order will begin process by once we have your payment, please kindly note, usually we will have your payment within 3~4 days.
The beneficiary details for are:
Beneficiary Bank name: xxx Hong Kong
Beneficiary Bank address: 1 ffffcentral, Hong Kong
SWIFT Address: dagagaagdddgaKH
Beneficiary: Hunan Zikun Information Technology Co., Ltd

Company Account: 0731-8222-7050

Note: We want to remind all customers that they are responsible for any local handling fees and Intermediary bank handling fees. Therefore, customers should confirm the total payment amount with their local bank.


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